Strategic Methodology

Our organization is highly agile, with the ability to create on demand resources as needed, as projects ramp up or down.   We will be your go to, when off the shelf products fail to meet your business needs.  Being agile in the marketplace allows us to control costs, effectively manage internal resources, and put developers with the highest qualifications and skillsets on the right projects.  By following an agile or blended methodology on our projects, we can pass these cost savings onto you, while creating a superior product and customer experience.

Pumex has the capacity to manage the full life cycle development and ongoing support of all custom software products. We will look at each project and make recommendations based on our expert opinion, but ultimately make decisions as a team with our clients. From inception to development, to long term product management. We will look at each project individually and decide what project management method is best suited to create a superior end result.  Whether that be an Agile Development method, the more traditional Waterfall Development method, or a combination of the two models.

Once your software has been delivered, based on your ongoing needs, we will help to design a support plan that will accomplish the following:

  1. Allow for ongoing product user experience enhancements, functionality updates, and allowing you to stay ahead of new security threats.
  2. Supporting the product.  No software runs in a bubble, the environment is dynamic and often changing.  We will be there to support any issues and create fixes when the inevitable conflict between two pieces of software arises.
  3. Because your needs and your customers’ needs are constantly evolving within the marketplace, the needs of your software will more than likely change too.  Having an ongoing relationship allows us to help you constantly stay ahead of the curve through continuous development and refinement of your product.