Operations Management Consulting

PUMEX Operations Management Consulting (OMC) is an international management company with an operational excellence (OpEx) and global supply chain (GSC) focus. Our proven, fact-based process and risk management approach enables you to integrate strategy-driven initiatives to achieve increased efficiency, effectiveness, and profitability.

Today’s businesses are no longer just focused on executing with an understanding of schedule and cost; they are demanding integrated strategies and increased returns. Our models target expanding the reach of your operations and global supply chain, to find new solutions to old problems, as well as designing how you integrate program management and your supply chain activities. The benefits to you are decreased costs, added value, smoother operational flow, and improved customer satisfaction.

We provide expertise in end-to-end organizational alignment and create operational excellence through; process benchmarking and metrics management, implementation of best practices, and process alignment. With the application of the OMC Model we convert strategies into actionable steps with results as the goal.


Creating effective partnerships across all areas of your operations
to drive alignment of strategy and purpose. Improving on:

Operations and Business Management

Project Execution

Supply Chain Optimization

Operational Excellence

PUMEX OMC Core Services Model

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Program, Strategy and Planning,Value allignment, collaboration and Execution

Proposal Preparation, Execution, Team Development, Visibility and Tactical Actions

Program, Strategy and Planning,Key performance, Indicators,Program Visibility & Performannce Reviews

Spend Management, Risk Mitigation, Strategic Sourcing & Supplier Management

Our approach is rooted in results-driven process methodologies that have been developed and refined over 35+ years of implementation experience. We engage your team in a working relationship, starting with the voice-of-the-customer and data collection. We then analyze the narrative and data to align the future state strategic vision with a focus on the tactical plan required to generate exceptional operational execution. Developing an organizational understanding on the dual strategies of execution today, while changing for tommorow, and generating the adapability required to bridge the gap.

As a result of this initial assessment and identification of issues; gaps will more than likely appear. The Pumex subject matter experts (SME) will form a hypotheses, propose solution options, and present our findings and recommendations to the appropriate stakeholders. These findings will include an assessment of impacted organizations, current risks and future project/organization risks, expected ROI, and intangible/tangible benefits of implementing the solution.

Upon agreement on the plan of action and milestones (POA&M), we will collaborate with all impacted functional organizations to apply the recommendations/solutions and ensure the client receives the necessary guidance to reach a state of organizational excellence based on the agreed-to solutions.


OMC Model

  • Strategic sourcing and key supplier management
  • Improved competitive positioning to win
  • Greater leverage of your supply chain
  • Improved profitability projections
  • Smoother flowing programs
  • Reduced working capital
  • Improved cash flow