Customer Experience

Pumex’s number one priority is ensuring that our customers receive their product, delivered on time, with the promised capabilities.  In order to guarantee a gold standard of customer service and customer expectations we follow three main principles:

Flexibility – We look to do business in the way that works best for you.  With top talent here in the US and spread abroad, we are able to leverage some of the best minds and skill sets in the software industry.  As well, we look to do business on terms that make the most sense for you.  With flexible pricing models, we can help you decide how to best utilize your resources to fit your budget and cash flow.

  1. Fixed Cost Proposals
  2. Hourly Proposals
  3. Software Lease to Own Proposals
  4. Staff Augmentation Proposals

Core Competency – We only hire world class developers that are highly skilled in their area of competence.  Our commitment to excellence doesn’t stop with making sure we have the skillsets to excel at the job.  We look to ensure that project oversight and management understands, and is completely qualified within the development process they are working on.

Scalable Resources – Because of our agile work philosophy and methodology.  We are able to easily scale your project up or down; as sometimes needs can grow through the development & support process.  We are committed to moving your project at lightning speed, but as quality sometimes dictates faster isn’t better.  Our commitment to you is that we will never fall behind our agreed upon delivery date and we have a 100% track record of delivering on time.