About Us

Pumex Computing has been helping our clients develop customized, process driven, and end to end scalable software solutions since 2015. Pumex helps our clients achieve a strategic and competitive advantage by offering; Customized Application Development, Software Product Development, Web Application Development, Mobile Application Development, and Cloud Based Software Development. It is our goal to help your organization achieve a high return on your investment while providing a high quality end product for your customers, both internal and external. This is evidenced by our track record of a 100% on time project delivery rate for our clients.


Pumex was started because the founders saw an opportunity to bring core values that are often overlooked in the software development industry.  We believe in creating a customer centric, value based solution that puts customer satisfaction above all else.  Pumex Computing was founded on the following core principles.
  1. Strong Communication – If the lines of communication break-down, so goes the project. It is Pumex’s promise to you that you will be kept up date on all aspects of your project, throughout the entire process.  Problems inevitably arise during development.  We will work with you in open communication to resolve issues and move your business forward.
  2. Fast Response Times & White Glove Customer Service – When you are facing issues, up against deadlines, or have questions that need answering; getting those answers quickly and problems resolved expediently are key to your business success. Our customer experience is at the top of the list.   From project start to finish, our customers know the project will be completed, on time and as promised.
  3. High Quality Products – It goes without saying that having a quality product in your hands should be the end result. We guarantee that you will have a superior piece of software and the right level of long term support, so your business can focus on its core competencies.   Leave the hard stuff to us.
  4. Long-Term Business Relationships – Pumex understands the long term relationships we create with our clients will be the cornerstone on which our success is built. Our goal isn’t one-off projects, but to build solid and long lasting relationship based on trust, communication, and bringing a high level of value to your organization.
  5. Self-Examination & Receptiveness to Customer Feedback – We understand that as a company we can and probably will make some mistakes along the way.  It is our promise to be open to criticism and feedback from our customers.  In addition, we will always practice the art of self-examination, never settling for status quo.  Pumex will always look to see how we can improve our processes, improve our customer experience, and improve as individuals contributing to the whole.

Our Team

Antony Marceles, CTO
Antony Marceles, CEO
Antony has 16 years of experience in the IT sector, working in all phases of the SDLC, and helping clients develop customized, process driven, and end-to-end scalable software solutions. Antony holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the State University of New York, and a Master of Science in Information Systems from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School.
Christopher Scirpoli, CEO
Christopher Scirpoli, President
Christopher has 18 years of experience in sales and consulting. With a diverse background in the financial, health care, telecom, technology, and non-profit/trade association industries; he brings a unique set of problem solving skills and knowledge to the table, while understanding the particular needs of each market vertical