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International software development – Java, .NET, Salesforce, Sharepoint and Mobile Development

What we do

Technology allows organizations to be mobile, fast, and agile. The only constant these days is change; in the way we use technology to approach markets, how it allows us to interact with our customers, and if our current technology and internal processes are moving the organization forward or holding it back. You need a company that understands the newest trends in software, the business case for implementing that software, and how to apply it to solve your unique set of challenges.

Pumex Computing has the years of experience, knowledge, and skills to help you solve your software needs. Many times when off the shelf products don’t completely fit your company’s needs, it is more cost effective to build your system. Both in the sometimes intangible productivity costs and the real, tangible, ROI that you will ultimately achieve from implementing the right solution, the first time around.

Pumex Computing advantages

Return on investment

What’s the business case for developing your new piece of software? Let us help you figure out how your software is going to return on your investment and advise you on the right technology for your needs.

Pumex Computing advantages

Grow your business

Staying competitive in the market place can be a challenge. Improving internal business processes and external interactions with your customers can put you ahead of the competition. Let us show you how!

Pumex Computing advantages

Flexible budgeting options

Developing a first class piece of software doesn’t have to break your budget. Talk to us about how Pumex can best fit your cost allowance and put a plan together to build the software you need to stay ahead of the curve.